Our Role
Our role as search consultants is to bring a good career opportunity to the attention of successful senior executives and to convert them into candidates. A recruitment advertisement tries to do the same thing but cannot hope to be so informative, selective, accurate and penetrating in its approach. By definition, people not actively looking for a change tend to be of a high standard.They will expect their next appointment to come through a headhunter and are reluctant in many cases to respond to advertising.
Initial Brief
The assignment brief will be comprehensive and include information about the company’s general background, strengths and weaknesses, corporate culture, commercial strategy and an explanation of how the position has arisen. Wherever possible we would ask to meet senior colleagues who will be important to the future job holder and, whilst this may be a time consuming process, we cannot emphasise too strongly the importance of a full understanding of the company, the position to be filled and the preferred candidate profile.
We are assisted by Researchers who have many years’ experience across all disciplines. After identifying industry sectors and companies where suitable candidates are likely to be found, an initial contact list will be produced. This is a lengthy procedure, further supplemented by discussions with reliable sources from our database who may recommend additional potential candidates. There are occasions when it is helpful for our Researchers to meet the client at the briefing stage and this we encourage.
In a typical search we would contact well in excess of fifty potential candidates, initially by telephone, then thoroughly interview and assess perhaps fifteen, and finally present three or four in the shortlist. For each shortlisted candidate we prepare a personal history, career details and our independent recommendations on their suitability for the position.

We administer a range of psychometric tests where appropriate and take references at the earliest possible stage in the procedure. Wherever practicable we can be present at shortlist interviews and assist with the final selection. Often we are asked to interview and assess internal candidates for an objective, unbiased view.
We advise on the terms of the offer, references, medical screening etc and act in an intermediary role during the delicate stage of offer and acceptance of the post.

An assignment is not fully concluded until the appointee has settled in and is working effectively.We maintain contact with both client and candidate until transition is satisfactorily achieved.
The basis of success in any recruitment exercise is a complete understanding of our client’s needs. After a briefing meeting we would submit a recruitment proposal which would include a detailed specification of the position to be filled and the candidate profile. The recruitment proposal will also include a draft advertisement and our recommendation on media choice and costs. After initial telephone discussions with applicants for screening purposes, relevant candidates are interviewed and the shortlist is compiled with detailed candidate assessments.
In search assignments we endeavour to present the shortlist within five to seven weeks of commencing the assignment. In advertised selection assignments we would normally aim to produce the shortlist within four to five weeks.